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What the Tarsier!


How can these creatures exist? I know it’s a big world but how on earth could such an awesome animal be wandering around without me knowing it!


Are there many of you who can confidently state they know what this cute little monster is?


If you don’t know, then I present to you the world’s coolest and smallest primate. Ladies and gentleman the Tarsier!


It’s hard to describe how small Tarsier’s are. They will fit in the palm of your hand, not your whole hand, simply the palm. The average male weighs around 120 grams and is approx 12 centimetres tall.

Suicidal Tendancies: Hold on for one more day buddy!

Of course being this small and cute comes at a cost. WE WANT ONE! Pretty, endangered and tiny it’s basically an acronym that spells P.E.T to Humans. Unfortunately Tarsiers cannot successfully be held in captivity. They will often commit suicide if taken from their native wilds. The other downside is that they are so ridiculously small and fragile that even just picking up a Tarsier can break it’s tiny bones. Plus they bite, so all round they are hands off animals!


Each Tarsier eyeball is as big as its brain. Which is awesome if you think about how rad humans would look with brain size eyeballs, obviously some of us would look significantly radder than others…

A killer dark side.

They may look ridiculously cute to us but these things are bloodthirsty meatavoires! The only 100% carnivorous primate they are death incarnate to bugs, birds, lizards and bats. If you are wondering how they do it, they have a superpower, they can jump 5 metres in a single bound!

Never trust a leaping animal that is only big enough to bite your balls.


Seeing the Tarsiers on Bohol Island in the Philippines was awesome. And at a cost of $3 for both Jen and I they are a bargain activity. As far as primate expenses go the Mountain Gorillas in Uganda cost $1200 but they are 1950 times bigger than a Tarsier. So pound for pound a gorilla is still cheaper to go see.

But are Gorillas this cute?

Celebrity Tarsiers you may know.




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Great story, they look so cute but evil

by Bev & Grahm

Your pictures are superb.
Your comments and comparaison are quite interesting too. Wish I had taken such good images last year.

by Bernard Dudemaine

How can one animal be so cute and so mean looking at the same time.
Laugh out loud at the ending. Very cheeky.

by Ellie Greer

Wow! Great pictures!
Amazing animals…
It was fantastic crossing your path in the Philippines!

by Josee

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